Sunday, February 05, 2006

anxia (think or not remix)

Anxia (think or not remix) 2/5/2006

vocal reading by Christine Haberer

text: Galt's Speach as reprinted in For the New Intelectual (1961) by Ayn Rand, 155;pb 127.

anxia (think or not remix)

vocal reading by Christine Haberer

Anxia (think or not remix) 2/5/2006

text: Galt's Speach as reprinted in For the New Intelectual (1961) by Ayn Rand, 155;pb 127.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Generic Punkish M145

Generic punkish M145 - 11/25/05

Slayer 2.5

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Claw - 11/20/05

This one came from playing with Claw (reFX)

Element #2

Element #2 - 11/13/05

This one came from screwing around with Cakewalks Dimension (hence the name)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Sneak - 1/31/05

This one was just an accedent one day while I was screwing around with a bass line.

I wish I could think of another part to go with it but in lue of that I added the filter effect half way through. It is still pretty boring and monotinus though.


Feared - 12/27/04

This was a real fun one.

I believe the drums came from the Live-3 cd. The lead/bass synth is reFX's Claw, the other synth is Vanguard. Plus a few effects and thats it.


Doomish - 7/3/04

This was a P5 experiment with royalty free drum loops off some CM cd. After I added some Slayer2 guitar it kinda reminded me of something you may hear playing an old first person shooter like doom.

Then I added the synth parts (loops) and there it is. Not very listenable in my opinion.

The alternating drum loops kinda make it uniqely bad I think.


Acid - 7/3/04

This is another one that began as a tutorial from a Computer Music Mag. In this case the tutorial was about how to do a high-pass filter sweep then bypass the filter to get a neat breakdown and crash back into it type of effect that alot of dance music uses. Unfortunently I couldn't get that part of the tutorial to actualy sound good so I replaced it with a tempo decrease and vanguard synth interlude.

This one was also made with FL Studio.

About a Minute

About a Minute - 5/9/04

This one started out as a FL Studio tutorial from a Computer Music Magazine. The only reminicence of the tutorial that remains is the 303ish sounding part. It was a real quicky and I didn't realy spend much time on it after the fact cause aside from the rythem part I don't realy like it.

The title comes from the fact that is runs about one minute long.

I admit I went a bit nuts with the slide function in FL. Some day I may re-vamp that whole mid-range track.

l00py1 and l00py2

l00py1 4/19/04

l00py2 4/22/04

These were created very soon after installing a limited version of Abelton's Live 3 that came with my sound card (M-Audio 2496).

Most of the sounds are royalty free loops that came with Live 3 (there may be a few strays from a Computer Music Mag.)

Live makes it extreamly easy to make songs like this. Tons of fun!

someday I hope to afford the full version (I think they are up to version 5 now) but I doubt I will ever be able to.


Theoreticly - 3/13/04

This one started out with a repetative progression using Slayer2 and a 2 note (kick,snare) drum beat via Velocity. I then countered the Guitar track with a slightly modified PSYN lead preset. Again the song just kinda evolved from there to include a crystal track (the filter sweep and low sustained sound) a Plugsound Free track for the bells up front.

This track goes great with unreal tournament I found, and we stlil use it as the sound track to the Lego-Land Map.

I do wish I made the song a little longer and maybe added another interlude section or two but the odd meter has made it very hard to modify since it's initial creation. It seems that every time I go back and touch it all I do is end up ruining it (if making it worse is even possable).

Where Else Would I be

Where Else Would I be - 1/25/04

This is another one that started out with a guitar track. Just a simple melencoly accoustic guitar progression. On top of that was added xylophone (vie DS864) some sound effects from Crystal and Synth One. A cleranetish sound was added to counter the xylo and finaly a bass melody ended up on the low end.

My sister says this is a good one to relax too. I have to agree with her, it also may help if you have trouble sleeping.

Phrygian Sea

Phrygian Sea - 1/8/04

This was my first attempt at composing a song after my gf gave me Cakewalks Project 5 for christmas. It started out with a predefined house beat from the P5 cd and evolved from there. As with pretty much all the music I write is was very fun to make, unfortunently the end result doen't realy reflect that.

The insturmentation includes a few PSYN instances, a couple DS864s, Velocity for drums, and a Slayer2.